OK Coffee

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OK Coffee

OK Coffee

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Bag 250g

This coffee is OK! It's not fantastic, but it's not bad.This is coffee that we drink ourselves every day, so we can guarantee that it's suitable as a breakfast coffee. If you're used to regular coffee bought in a store, this will be much better than that.

This is coffee that for one reason or another, we've decided to sell at a discount. It might be that the green coffee has passed its flavour peak and we want to make room for new and exciting coffee. Or it might be coffee where we think we can do better with the roast profile. Either way, we want to be honest and up front and give those who are interested the opportunity to buy it at a lower price.

What you get might vary from time to time, so think of it as a surprise if you select this option.





Cupping score:

#1 Clean your brewing equipment!

#2 Use a scale or something to measure with!

#3 Use a burr grinder and follow a brewing recipe for more consistent results.


Suggested brewing recipe: