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Running a business is hard work. Hiring the right people, making your business profitable, establishing a culture that's positive and robust. These things take time and can cost your business a lot of money to get right.

We have extensive experience at all levels of business management and can help you avoid many of the most common challenges. We want to save you time and money to focus on what's really important: developing your business.


One of the most common issues business of all sizes faces is how to hire the right people for the job. The sad truth is most people rely on a recruitment system that does not filter out bad prospects, leaving the door wide open for bad hires.

We can help you implement hiring systems that takes less of your time and increases the chances that you'll hire the right person every time.

We can also offer leadership training and coaching on how to build a positive culture in your business.

Only thirty per cent of new businesses survive past their first three years. This can be explained by lack of customer base or an unsustainable business model.

Often, though, it comes down to the business simply failing by accident. We want to help more businesses succeed by teaching them how to set up a profitable structure, how to avoid bleeding money and how to set up a stable foundation for growth and scalability.

We're a coffee company, so one of the things we're best suited to help with is coffee. Our experience is that with businesses of any size, it's usually the little things that make the day-to-day worthwhile.

If you want to invest in your team, their happiness and by extension, their productivity, coffee is a great place to start.

A coffee tasting course as a team-building excercise, or offering good coffee in the workplace are two very cheap ways of increasing motivation.


This is what the businesses we've worked with have to say about us.

Russ Bruguiere

Owner, KOS Coffee

We recently retained Kaffi, and Adrian Berg to provide consulting services to our coffee roastery here in the United States. We sought out Adrian due to his extensive experience in the coffee industry, and also his recent success as Norwegian Barista Champion, and World Kokekaffe Champion.  We found Adrian's advice to be straightforward and extremely helpful.  He opened up our mind to new and creative Nordic brewing techniques, and roasting advice.  We'd highly recommend Adrian and the team at Kaffi for any coffee shop, roastery, or barista looking to take their experience to the next level.

We also offer coaching services

Are you a competition barista, or do you want personalized coaching? With experience from two World Championships and working closely with world-class coffee professionals, we can help you structure and realize your own goals. Reach out to us for a friendly chat. We're always happy to talk about coffee and hopefully we can find a way to help you with your journey.

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