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Our goal is to help you drink better coffee!

Check out these great coffees at reduced prices:

Coffees discounted due to roast date.

Rogelio Espinosa • Gesha • Colombia
Sold Out

Rogelio Espinosa • Gesha • Colombia

kr203.00 Regular price kr290.00

Or these new coffees in our selection:

New coffees

Coffee Beans
El Bombo • Colombia • Organic

El Bombo • Colombia • Organic


Gakenke • Burundi • Natural
Sold Out

Gakenke • Burundi • Natural

From kr108.00

Kilimbi • Rwanda

Kilimbi • Rwanda

From kr190.00

Alonso Bustos • Colombia • Tabi

Alonso Bustos • Colombia • Tabi

From kr130.00

Or maybe you want to keep things simple?

How about a coffee subscription?

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Monthly Coffee Subscription
kr175.00 Sale Save
Roast Filter roast
Bag 250g

Are you looking for a convenient way to get delicious coffee? Do you want to taste new coffees every month but not have to worry about browsing around and ordering it?

We have just the thing for you: our monthly coffee subscription. Our subsciption lets you choose your desired amount and roast level, and we will send you delicious coffees at the beginning of every month. We try to make sure the subscription coffees are different and more interesting than our regular offering, so you'll regularly get exclusive coffees.

Best of all, there's no commitment so you can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time, and you always get FREE SHIPPING within Norway!

Get the amazing coffee you need deliveried to your doorstep!

TIPS: if you add more than one bag to your subscription, let me know if you want to try different coffees so you can enjoy a wider range of flavours, or if you prefer more of the same coffee each month. 

Do you want both espresso and filter coffee, or do you need different bags ground for different things? Just add them one by one to your shopping cart and when you pay it'll be bundled together as a custom subscription just for you.

We send out a monthly subscription email with detailed information about the coffee you'll receive. Please accept email marketing during checkout, or sign up to the newsletter or you won't receive the subscription emails.

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Want to learn more about us and our story?

Adrian Berg

Second place Norwegian Roasting Championship 2023, Two-time Norwegian Barista Champion and 2021 World Kokekaffe Champion.

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Silje Arnevik

Certified Coffee Judge, Barista Trainer and quality assurance badass.

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We focus on high quality coffee beans from all over the world, roasting to the best of our ability to bring you tasty coffee. We believe that good coffee can be simple, and we want to help you enjoy it.


Between us we have over two decades of experience, and we've learned how to take a complex subject like coffee and make it understandable. Our goal is to make it easy for you to succeed at brewing delicious coffee.


It's not easy running a business, but it doesn't have to be hard. We can offer training, coaching, startup help and much more. Our insights and hard-earned experiences will give you all the tools you need to avoid expensive and painful mistakes.