We love our wonderful partners and stockists!

They help people connect with our coffee all over Norway (and sometimes the world!)

Without them we wouldn't be where we are today. Keep scrolling to see who they are and where to find them!


Sellanraa & Isak Sellanraa

Imagine fine dining brunch and lunch, made with the best local produce, at an affordable price, with great coffee on top! They also have a sourdough bakery that make the most delicious bread and pastries! A must-stop if you're ever in Trondheim, and a regular stockist of Kaffi.

Kongens gate 2, Trondheim


Ting Midtbyen

A gorgeous interior design shop that also has an amazing selection of coffee brewing equipment and bags of Kaffi to go with them. Worth stopping by if you're in the city centre and in need of something for the home and a bag of coffee on the way out.

Olav Trygvassons Gate 10, Trondheim



The coffee shop at Teknobyen in Trondheim, close to the St. Olavs Hospital. It's super trendy and has state of the art coffee equipment and delicious food from the talented chefs of Hegstad & Blakstad.

Abels Gate 5, Trondheim




Hold your hats for the coolest coffee shop in Norway, probably in the world. Run by multi award-winning barista Anton Søderman, it's a vegan coffee shop / bakery / wine bar in the heart of Oslo. They rotate their selection of coffee and often feature Kaffi on their shelves.

Tøyengata 22, Oslo


Remedy Frisør

Good coffee and a haircut? Yes please! You might not have thought of those two things together, but enjoying a delicious brew while you get your hair styles makes a lot of sense. They also sell bags of coffee and equipment, and often feature Kaffi.

Waldemar Thranes gate 22, Oslo



Kiosk is a perfectly sized and aptly named coffee shop in Oslo. It has just enough room for a barista, an espresso machine and two indoor seats. What more do you need when the coffee is tasty? They rotate their coffee selection, so keep an eye out for Kaffi on the shelves.

St. Halvards gate 71A, Oslo



Bakeriet på Røros

An independent craft bakery in the UNESCO world heritage city of Røros. They bake fresh bread and pastries every day, which they serve alongside our coffee. A must-stop if you're in the historic city, and they also sell bags if you want to take some home.

Hans Aasengata 5, Røros



The renowned and award-winning local dairy in Røros has, in addition to the best milk in Norway, a giftshop that sells a large assortment of things, such as bags of coffee and brewing equipment. They also offer guided tours of their dairy.

Sollihagaen 2, Røros



A small but memorable restaurant in the high street of Røros, serving up delicious meals made with local produce by talented chefs. They don't sell bags, but for desert you can enjoy a freshly brewed French Press of Kaffi.

Kjerkgata 8, Røros


Os Blomster

The local florist and gift shop in the mountain town of Os, just a bit south of Røros. This is the closest stockist to where our roastery is located, which makes them extra special. Stop by for your coffee and flower needs.

Os i Østerdalen

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Waagans Bakery

An independent and family-owned bakery in Tynset, a short drive south of Røros. They have a wide selection of pastries and local food, as well as their signature Tynsetsnurr (which is my favourite!). In their local products shelf you'll also find our blue bags.

Parkveien 5, Tynset


Vertshuset på Røros

A cozy and traditional inn located in the centre of Røros, just a short walk from the iconic church and copper mines. They offer rooms to stay the night and serve amazing food with our locally roasted coffee on the side.

Kjerkgata 34, Røros



Bakeriet Sprø

The best pastries and coffee between Oslo and Trondheim are found here, at the bakery Sprø! In their cafe and deli they have a large selection of local products and coffee from some of the best roasteries in Norway, which often includes Kaffi.

Ola Setroms veg 38, Oppdal


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