What is a NANO-roastery?

When we started we called ourselves a nano roastery, because we were so small that calling ourselves a micro-roastery felt like an exaggeration. We roasted on a 1KG Bullet drum roaster with a very limited production capacity, which we quickly exhausted. Now we roast on a 12KG Diedrich roaster, which gives us the same capacity as other micro-roasteries, but we still want to keep the nano-moniker. Why? Because although our production is now scalable, we still have a nano-focus on the small details, and we care about every bag we send out.

How do we roast coffee?

We do our sample roasting on a 1KG Bullet roaster, and our production roasting on a 12KG Diedrich roaster. Our focus is on quality, consistency and flavour. Every batch is cupped for quality assurance the day after roasting, and we homogezine batches of the same roast date that pass to ensure consistency in every bag.

Our roast approach is all about sweetness and we are continually looking for delicious coffee experiences to share with you.

Green beans?

We are constantly looking for amazing coffee from all over the world. Producers send us samples that we cup and evaluate. If we like what we taste we order up a few bags. Our production is nowhere near the size of the other roasteries, so our focus is on continuously buying fun coffees, instead of finding that one perfect coffee to feature for a long time.

We also want our coffee to be green - as much as possible. Our roaster runs on propane, and coffee production takes the beans from one end of the planet to the other, so we're always thinking about how we can offset some of that carbon footprint.

Our coffee bags

We want to make a difference for the environment, and sometimes that means making tough decisions. When selecting coffee bags, we looked at a lot of options such as biodegradable, paper and more. Surprisingly the most sustainable option we could find was carbon-neutral plastic. In Norway, where we are based, there is no way to properly compost so-called biodegradable coffee bags, and paper bags often have plastic linings to keep them air-tight which means you can't recycle them as either paper OR plastic. In using 100% carbon-neutral plastic, the entire bag can be recycled all over the world, meaning nothing has to go to waste, and your coffee beans are kept fresh and tasty for longer. 

So don't forget to recycle your coffee bag when you're done with it!